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Pumps Erotic
Items in this category: 125
Number of Sub-Categories: 7
Prices from: €37
In Pumps category you can find shoes made with dope, latex-rubber and leather.
Boots Erotic
Items in this category: 201
Number of Sub-Categories: 8
Prices from: €41
In Boots category you can find products made with materials: dope, leather, stretch, latex-lack and latex-rubber.
Sandals Erotic
Items in this category: 103
Number of Sub-Categories: 6
Prices from: €35
In Sandals category you can find products made with: dope, leather and ecological leather.
Flip flops Erotic
Items in this category: 29
Number of Sub-Categories: 3
Prices from: €26
In Flip Flops category you can find products made with materials: dope, leather, sequin.

          Obuwie Erotyczne is a footwear shop with shoes with a very high heels. Assortment of storebesides shoes are also erotic gadgets and erotic clothingMost of our products are made oflatex lack and natural latex rubber. In heels offer and clothes you can find boots, pumps, sandals, flip flops, dresses, suits, coats, jackets, shorts, gloves, corsets, bras. However, in the range of gadgets can be found handcuffs, whips, whips, riding crops, trowelgagleashescollars, and entire setsOur products are not only latex, much of the product is made of genuine leather one hundred percentdope, suede, PVC, leather and sequinThe dominant colors are black and red.

           All heels, clothes and gadgets are POLISH production, made from highest quality materials. We constantly expanding our sales through the introduction of the more courageousand creative models of products while ensuring that the latest trends to keep the global sexindustryAn example here might be enjoying increasing success latex dress and latex maidscostume nurses. Introduced new products can be traced to our account on facebookThere you can share with us your opinions and suggestions, which are very important to us and taken into account when choosing the design of new collections.
           We invite you to browse our extensive range of erotic heels, clothes and gadgets.